Transforming Disability Management

Our Absence & Disability Management Software works better because everything is integrated – one module, one platform. Seamless user experience, automated core processes, track and manage – all within a single application.

Minimize Data Entry

atworkCare intelligently reuses data to complete forms, letters and other documents, as well as to populate data fields for tracking, management and reporting. By increasing information reuse, we save you time, eliminates redundancy and securely control content.

Document Management

Our document management allows you to receive, track, manage and store and share documents electronically.  Features such as version history, audit trails and the ability to sign documents electronically, means that there is no need to print, scan and save paper.  Save even more time our advanced document interface and let our software do the admin work for you.  Unlike legacy software, document management is not a 3rd party add-on or a separate module.


Information Integration

Case management communication is key to effective disability and absence management. It also requires extensive contemporaneous documentation, which is time consuming and often neglected. We have the information integration solution precisely to solve this challenge.

Effective Work Accommodation Tools

No DM system is complete without tools to effectively manage workplace accommodation and return to work. Use restrictions analysis to identify improvement or to understand functional deterioration. With targeted insight into the recovery process you can make the case for more effective intervention. We spent the time to build the tools so that you can just pick, click and manage your way into better results.

Alerts & Notifications

Want to know when an injury involves aggressive behaviour? You can have an alert for that! While you work, the application keeps track of alerts and notifications that are necessary and these can then be sent based on pre-defined preferences. Our alerts and notifications are designed to keep stakeholders in the loop, on-track and on-target – not clutter their in-box.

Multi-site out of the box

atworkCare’s multi-site capability fosters collaboration between centralized case managers and field supervisors. Dashboard layouts, configuration definitions and claims and cost reporting can be provided at the firm level and also distributed by region, worksite/location and cost centre – all based on the level of access assigned to the user. Whether you have multiple sites in a single jurisdiction or coast-to-coast-to-coast, we are ready out of the box.

SaaS Platform

atworkCare is provided as a fully hosted web-based solution requiring no capital outlay, maintenance fees, additional hardware costs or internal IT resources. The application is out of the box ready to manage.

Real-time data & Dashboards

Data is captured or auto-captured in real time – that is as you work. Reports are a few clicks away or can be scheduled to run based on your needs. Dashboards with drill-down functionality provide information at the organizational level. Being able to interactively view different data layers enable you to visually analyze claims management performance in context.

Automated Tasks and Workflows

Improve the user experience by automating manual tasks. Ensure completion of each step in the process is complete for regulatory compliance. Improve your team’s productivity, and increase the efficiency of your absence management process. Ensure the right person is doing the right thing at the right time.

Defined Case Intake

Increase the efficiency of your team.

Ensure the right information is gathered at claim intake.

Free up time for your team to focus on more demanding tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions – call us and we would be happy to provide you with as much detail as you need. In the meantime, here are some of the questions we have been asked:

  • What types of organizations would benefit from atworkCare?

    Our software is not for everyone. We will work with you to be sure that we are a good fit for your organization. Based on our existing customers, we are confident that atworkCare is best suited to employers who are self-managing their WCB and non-occ disability cases and who are looking for improved case management outcomes without having the resources to add more people to their team. In other words, organizations who need to save time and money – but still want to manage better.

  • Can you migrate data from legacy applications?

    We can. We have. And we anticipate that we will have more opportunities to do so. If you own your data and your legacy provider has the ability to export your data, then let’s connect. Once the data is in atworkCare, you will get the benefits of our application’s intelligence and data-analysis capability.

  • Building vs Buying vs SaaS – which option is best?

    Building your own software is complicated, expensive and fraught with risks – think federal government and payroll software. Not only does it take twice as long and cost twice as much, often you get half as good. Imagine trying to ‘build’ Word or Excel and you will see why smart organizations avoid this option.

    Buying software can also be a money pit. But the risk here is different: the software life-cycle. Presuming that the vendor even upgrades the software, before long, you are paying more for upgrades, maintenance and patches while still owning a legacy application.

    Our SaaS model offers the best value for money. For a fixed fee your application is maintained, upgraded and improved. You do not require any internal IT resources and you still have the benefit of an up-to-date secure application – and you still own your data. Let us show you how we make SaaS work for you.

  • Can you integrate with HRIS software?

    Yes, We Can! We have integrated with any software capable of generating and handling .csv data format. If you are unsure about integrating with another software platform, but still want to use data from the application, then give us a call; we’ve done some creative work-arounds in the last two decades.

  • How are you different from legacy DM applications?

    atworkCare was developed to fill the void in disability management landscape by providing our clients with advance features including integrated communication and collaboration. We can reduce the time spent on case management by up to 30 per cent – and still provide you with a better framework allowing you to Manage Better. Together ™.

  • Is atworkCare affordable?

    Our monthly subscription fees are less than the cost of a single health care WCB claim or a few days of non-occ absence. To put that another way, if atworkCare were to save the cost of a single health care claim or a few days of non-occ absence, then it has paid for itself. Simply put, if you do not have atworkCare, you are already spending more than the cost of our subscription.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    The nature of the software does not lend itself to a free trail. However, we do offer a money-back guarantee. While we’ve never had to do this, if within 90-days of the software being implemented you are not fully satisfied with its features or functionality, we will refund the subscription fees paid. And yes, we will write this in your contract.

  • How long has atworkCare been around?

    atworkCare, formerly named EClaims Manager, was created by Atworkcanada Inc. in 2005, as an in-house disability management software to manage our clients’ absence and disability cases. The roots of the application were formed by our need to achieve efficiency, collaboration and communication. In the decade and a half since, we have grown the application to where it is now – an effective tool that saves time and money.